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Delayed Opening Procedure

Dear BECC families,

Well our first 2-hour delay of the school year occurred much sooner than expected!  We hope the morning was not too confusing for you.  Please use the following guidelines when the Burlington Public Schools has a delayed opening:

-Whenever there is a two hour delay, all AM sessions are cancelled.

-If your child is in the Cub Cadets with Lisa B. and Lisa P., your child will have school from 10:30 to 12:30.

-If your child participates in a full day program in the Puppy Pals or Barnyard Buddies, they will have school starting at 10:30. Only the children that attend for a full day in these classrooms will come in on delayed openings.  If your child is dismissed at 11:30, they do not attend on delayed openings.

-The afternoon sessions will run as scheduled from 12:30-2:30.

-If your child attends the Extended Day Program with Amanda starting at 11:30, they will have school, but it will start at 12:30 on days with a two hour delay.

** If there is a delay on a Friday no students will attend on that day.**

Thank you,

Deborah Clark

2 Hour Delay on 10/30

The Burlington Public Schools will have a 2-hour delay on Tuesday, 10/30. Because of this, there will be NO MORNING SESSIONS at the BECC. Students in our full day programs will begin their day at 10:30 AM (buses will pick up full-day students two hours later than regularly scheduled). Afternoon sessions will be held at their usual 12:30 PM time. For those students in our Extended Day Program, that session will begin at 12:30 PM as well.

School Closed Monday 10/29

The BECC will be closed on Monday October 29, 2012 due to the impending storm.

Pajama Day-October 31

In our preschool curriculum, we have been learning more about families.  During our unit, we have read a book titled Time for Bed. This book is about how animal parents but their babies to bed.  It ends with a mother putting her child to sleep.  Many of our vocabulary words within in this unit deal with bedtime language (i.e. cradle, crib, and lullaby).

On October 31, we would like to invite your child to wear his/her pajamas to school. (Please no footed pajamas.) We will read our unit book on that day while we are cozy in our pajamas.  Please have your child wear their pajamas to school.  This will be a fun way to further extend our families unit.

Message from Some Special Friends

Recently, some Marshall Simonds Middle School students created a video with an important message about their pledge to stop using the “R-word.” One of these students, Josh, is the brother of Caiden in our Barnyard Buddies classroom.  These students are trying to spread the message that a word commonly used by many people can often be hurtful to others.

Please view the link below to see their powerful message.  Together we can make a difference.


BECC Program Features

As you know the BECC is an integrated public preschool. We offer preschool classrooms for children with and without disabilities with specialized services provided within the context of the classroom.

The BECC follows the OWL preschool curriculum in all classrooms. OWL (Opening the World of Learning) is a comprehensive curriculum that covers all domains of early learning. Each unit focuses on daily routines within an activity-center day. Themes, skills, and concepts are developed through children’s literature, both fiction and nonfiction books. The format and features in every unit is consistent, making it easy for children to learn. Our teachers’ blogs highlight the skills that are being targeted.

As part of our integrated preschool model, speech, occupational, physical and behavioral therapists are working in all classrooms. These therapists are a great resource for our program. Our therapists are supporting all students with speech, language, fine motor, gross motor, social, and behavioral development. Because of this model, your child may participate in groups with our therapists to aid in the generalization of these skills in all classrooms.

New Blog

Hello BECC Families,

I have created a new blog to share information with you.  The new blog address is:  I will use this blog to share procedures and information with you.  To the right of this post, you will find links to your child’s classroom blog.

The district is currently working on creating a website for our program.  Once that site is up and running, I will share the address with you.  When it is ready, you will be able to access BECC program information and forms.

I hope you find this blog helpful.  If there is information you come across that you feel would be helpful, please e-mail me, and I can incorporate it into the blog.

Here’s to a great year!

Deborah Clark

Director, BECC

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