Delayed Opening Procedure

Dear BECC families,

Well our first 2-hour delay of the school year occurred much sooner than expected!  We hope the morning was not too confusing for you.  Please use the following guidelines when the Burlington Public Schools has a delayed opening:

-Whenever there is a two hour delay, all AM sessions are cancelled.

-If your child is in the Cub Cadets with Lisa B. and Lisa P., your child will have school from 10:30 to 12:30.

-If your child participates in a full day program in the Puppy Pals or Barnyard Buddies, they will have school starting at 10:30. Only the children that attend for a full day in these classrooms will come in on delayed openings.  If your child is dismissed at 11:30, they do not attend on delayed openings.

-The afternoon sessions will run as scheduled from 12:30-2:30.

-If your child attends the Extended Day Program with Amanda starting at 11:30, they will have school, but it will start at 12:30 on days with a two hour delay.

** If there is a delay on a Friday no students will attend on that day.**

Thank you,

Deborah Clark

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