The Science Center Visits the BECC

Today we were fortunate enough to have Wendy Pavlicek and Sean Musselman from the Burlington Science Center bring their Reptile and Light Show to the BECC.  Our preschoolers loved it!  For those of you not familiar with it, the Burlington Science Center supports the science curriculum K-12 by providing hands-on materials, kits, and experiments to teach our students about the world around them.  When the weather has kept us in for recess, Sean and Wendy have graciously allowed us to stop by the Science Center to visit the animals.  We are very fortunate to have Wendy and Sean supporting science at the preschool level.


IMG_0416                            IMG_0419



I have included links to the Cub Cadets and Lucky Ducks blogs so you can see more photos from the day.  I have also included the link for the Science Center blog in case you want to know more about this wonderful resource.  Thanks again Wendy and Sean!


Cub Cadets


Lucky Ducks


The Burlington Science Center

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