First Week of School

We hope that you and your child enjoyed meeting your child’s teacher and new friends at Open House.  We are very excited to start the new school year next week!


At Open House, our teachers discussed the pick-up/drop-off and parking procedures with you.  I have included them below this post for you to review.  If you are driving your child to school, please give yourself enough time to get to the preschool and find parking.  If your child is riding the bus, please know that for the first few days, pick-up and drop-off may be a little later than usual (especially the first day) as both families and bus drivers are getting used to the new routes and schedules.


If you run into any problems or concerns, please contact the BECC at 781-270-1808.  Thank you in advance with your cooperation in this matter.  See you all next week!


Drop-off, Pick-up, and Parking for the BECC


Fire lanes need to be clear at all times.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING IN THE FIRE LANES.  Only buses are allowed to park in front of the building in the yellow-painted fire lanes.  We ask that you don’t block them so we can load and unload the buses.  Pick up and drop off are busy times and we want to ensure that all our friends are safe at all times. Please park at the bottom of the hill and walk your child/children to their teacher.  As people get use to the routine, things will go much more quickly and smoothly.   Busses arrive at approximately 8:20, so please plan your arrival accordingly.



When the red lights are flashing on school buses or the vans, you cannot pass them for any reason.  If you pass a school bus or van with red flashing lights, it is a $200 fine for the first offense.  The second offense is a fine and suspension of your license.  A third offense can result in a permanent loss of your license.  We are aware that it takes some time to load and unload the buses, but these precautions are necessary to ensure the safety of all children, and we would appreciate your patience in this matter.  It should be noted that periodically the Burlington Police Department’s Safety Officer comes to watch the pick-up and drop-off and is very generous when handing out fines.


We understand that parking and pick-up/drop-off can be frustrating but if everyone follows the aforementioned guidelines, it will better ensure everyone’s safety and facilitate a more efficient pick-up and drop off process.

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