A Message from the Student Information Office

The Burlington Public Schools Student Information Office is happy to announce the opening of the Aspen Family Portal.  Aspen is the Student Information System used by Burlington Public Schools.  It is used to maintain student data including demographics, attendance records, schedules and grades.  Aspen is a web based product that can be used from almost any computer or device that has access to the Web.  One component of Aspen is a family portal, which allows parents/guardians to login to the system to view their child’s attendance history, course history, current schedule and, most importantly for middle school and high school families, a current view their teacher’s gradebook.

In October, the Student Information Office sent a Family Verification Form to each and every family in the district.  In order to create an Aspen Family Portal Account, the Student Information Office needs to clean and verify a family’s contact records.  The families who returned the Family Verification Form have been included in our first release of Aspen Family Portal Accounts and will receive their account information Monday afternoon.  We are also contacting families who did not complete the Family Verification Form, so we can get their data verified and they can be included in our second release of Aspen Family Portal Accounts.

Every family in the District will be contacted by the Student Information Office.  If you are unsure if you completed the family verification form or not, please wait to hear from the Student Information Office.

If the Student Information Office received the Family Verification Form back from a family, then an Aspen Family Portal Account has been created for them and they will be receiving an email from the Student Information Office with information regarding their Aspen Family Portal Account.

If the Student Information Office did not receive the Family Portal Verification Form back from a family, then a second request for the completion of these forms will be sent home with one of the family’s children.  We will collect forms over the upcoming weeks in preparation for a second release of Aspen Family Portal Accounts.

Below are links to two documents that are being shared with families when they are provided with their Family Portal Account.

Aspen Family Portal – First Time Users

Aspen Family Portal – Reference Sheet

If your family does not receive an email or letter by Friday, April 11th, please contact the Student Information Office via email at studentinfo@bpsk12.org.


Josh P. Murphy

Director of Student Information

Burlington Public Schools



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