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Summer Safety Tips from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care

The summer months can be incredibly dangerous for children in cars.  Even on a 70-degree day, with a window cracked, temperatures inside a car can quickly exceed 90 degrees, putting children in danger of heat related injuries and even death.  According to data from San Francisco State University, so far in 2014, at least 17 children have died of vehicular heatstroke.

The Department of Early Education and Care, and the Children’s Trust are working together to help keep children and families safe this summer, with the following tips:
*Never leave children alone in a parked vehicle, even when they are asleep or restrained, and even if the windows are open.

*Make a habit of looking in the vehicle -front and back -before locking the door and walking away.

*Ensure adequate supervision when children are playing in areas near parked motor vehicles.

*Do things to remind yourself that a child is in the vehicle, such as placing your purse, brief-case or something else you need in the back seat so that you will have to check the back seat when you leave the vehicle.

*If you see a child alone in a hot vehicle, call 911. If they are in distress due to heat, get them out as quickly as possible.

Please help us spread this important message by sharing these tips at home and at work, and with friends, parents, and caregivers of children.

For more summer safety tips, visit

Summer at the BECC

Today was water day at the BECC Summer Program.  Our friends loved our new water park!


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