Early Learner Series for 2014-15

Again this year at the BECC, we will be holding The Burlington Public Schools Early Learner Series.  Throughout this series we will focus on topics related to early childhood education, both at home and at school.  The format of each session will include both time for us to give you new information as well as time for you to ask us questions and have discussions.  Here are some of the details including times, locations, and dates:

Where:  The Burlington Early Childhood Center

When:  7:00- 8:00 PM


November 20 – OWL/Settling into School

December 11 – Life Skills and Social Thinking

January 8 – Setting up Structure at Home

February 5 – Morning and Nighttime Routines

March 5 – Reading to Your Children and Homework Routines

April 9 – Fine and Gross Motor Activities

May 14 – Technology for Early Learners

June 4 – Transitions to New buildings and Classrooms

We will send home a monthly flyer with a reminder of the upcoming date and topic.  If we change the location, we will let everyone know.  We look forward to seeing everyone on November 20th in the Burlington Early Childhood Center.  If you have any questions or have a suggestion about a topic, please don’t hesitate to email us.

-Naomi O’Brien, Lisa Bottiglio, Courtney Stratton


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