Anonymous Threat at Burlington High School

January 19, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Burlington High School received an anonymous Skype phone call this afternoon threatening the school.  The Emergency Response Team was immediately gathered, which includes school personnel and the Burlington Police Department.  After evaluating the situation, and due to the fact that many other schools in Massachusetts received this type of threat last Friday, and many more today, the police assessment was that this was a low level threat and most likely a hoax.

Students at the BECC were dismissed as a result of this threat (those students in our morning programs were already home).  All BECC employees did a fantastic job of keeping the children calm in this atypical situation.

At this time, school is scheduled to take place on Wednesday.  There will be an increased police presence in the all of the Burlington Schools tomorrow during both arrival and dismissal times, and we will update everyone if the situation changes.

Going forward, a reverse 911 call should go out to all families notifying them of any situation.  BECC staff will follow-up with phone calls to make sure that we make contact directly with you or another one of your child’s emergency contacts.

On Wednesday afternoon, please check your child’s backpack when he or she gets home as there will be a letter describing the specific BECC procedures in more detail.

If you have questions or concerns about this incident or your child’s safety, please do not hesitate to call me at 781-273-7632 or e-mail me at


Deborah Clark

Director, BECC

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