BECC Curriculum

The BECC uses the following curriculum materials:

Opening the World of Learning Curriculum (OWL):

OWL is a research-based curriculum.  It focuses on the development of language and literacy skills through rich content in social studies and science, math, children’s fiction and non-fiction books, songs, and poems.  Language skills targeted include conversation, vocabulary development, book and print awareness, phonemic awareness, letter identification, and writing. We also developed a supplemental curriculum following the OWL principles to use every other year to expand our students preschool experience.

OWL Units:  Family, Friends, Wind and Water, World of Color, Shadows and Reflexions, Things that Grow

Supplemental Units:  Harvest, Family Traditions, Snow, Five Senses, Community, Transportation, Camping

For more information, please visit the following links:

Opening the World of Learning

Boston OWL Page

Handwriting Without Tears:

Handwriting Without Tears is a multi-sensory research-based developmental handwriting program.  This program promotes proper posture, proper pencil grasp, and proper lines strokes for letter formation.  For more information, please visit the  Handwriting without Tears website.

Preschool Life Skills:

The Preschool Life Skills is a curriculum developed by Dr. Gregory Hanley, BCBA to help children acquire the prerequisite social skills to become good students and friends.  This curriculum works to maximize success in school and minimize problem behaviors.  The Preschool Life Skills are a set of 13 skills in the areas of instruction following, functional communication, tolerance for delay, and friendship skills.  To view a complete list of these skills, please visit the following link:  Preschool Life Skills

Social Thinking:

Social Thinking is a pre-K through adult curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP designed to build the specific thinking strategies that aid in social communication and interaction skills.  The Incredible Flexible You Early Learner Curriculum is designed to help young learners develop the skill necessary to be flexible social thinkers and social problem solvers such as flexible thinking, self-regulation, perspective taking, and understanding expectations.  Lessons include:   Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings, The Group Plan, Thinking with Your Eyes, Body in the Group, Whole Body Listening.  For more information, please visit the Social Thinking website.

Brain Gym:

Brain Gym is a movement based program that helps foster spatial and listening skills, hand-eye coordination, and whole-body flexibility to activate the brain for learning.  Teachers can use a variety of these exercises throughout the day to help improve student alertness and concentration.  For more information, please visit the Brain Gym website.

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